• Technology Drives Business

    SMEs conduct more and more of their business through online collaboration and networks. With the growth in adoption of the web and mobile technology, technology opens up new opportunities for Renesas to cater its businesses and services to SME sectors.

    Those technology such as web-base and mobile application & tools that we built offers rich functionality, can be used for free in many cases and users can access them wherever there is an internet connection.

  • Drive Profitability Through User Experience

    With the solutions that we designed and built for Renesas, it is important to have a deep understanding on how users interact with and embrace the technology. As an ongoing effort to continue to devlope useful, usable, and compelling solutions for Renesas SME business clients, we apply qualitative and quantitative research methodology through usability testing, competitor analysis, heuristic reviews, data analysis, industry trend research, etc. User experience design and technology has become one of the main drivers for Renesas to build long-term customer loyalty and long-term profits for its SME business.

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