• The DLCS Digital Environment

    The goal behind the project is to design and implement an end-to-end solution that not only digitize and streamline tissue process inefficiencies and productivity with less overhead, it can also attract clients to DLCS using indispensable digital tools that serve the customer at each stage of their professional career. This solution will quickly extend the DLCS presence throughout the dermatology world, stimulating growth and increasing revenue.

  • Design a Complex Workflow

    In order to customized a workflow design that can be integrated with DLCS main central process and legacy systems, it requires a huge effort of thorough business-process analysis, business-process redesign, usability analysis, and software design. These necessary skills make workflow a challenge for the most experienced software design architects. The complexity grows exponentially with the number of applications, a combination of web and mobile applications, that need to exist in order to support the solution. How data, information, and process integrate becomes a huge challenge.

  • User Centric Design and Engineering

    The DLCS Digital Environment leveraged advances in touch screen technologies, digital slide scanning, cloud storage capabilities and rapid data streaming to pivot DLCS into the era of digital pathology. It includes several key components including: The Clearpath App, The Clearpath Clinical App, The Requisition App, The Digitally Integrated Laboratory App and The Digital Microscope App. As part of the solution, the integrated system also leverage ELLKAYS connectivity solution to bridge the data with hospital's EMR systems.

  • State of the Art System

    The DLCS Digital Environment technology allow remote diagnostic pathology from anywhere in the world, anytime. Very quickly, dermatopathologists will be able to access an international market where sub-specialty knowledge is in high demand.

    At the same time, a digitally integrated lab holds the promise of serving as a central hub for high volume tissue processing and slide scanning with digital cases being distributed to a network of remote pathologists. Digitization also enable tissue and slide tracking, analysis of process inefficiencies, and increased productivity with less overhead.

    Finally, as businesses interact with clients in the digital world they are more able to assess and anticipate customer needs and effectively address them.

  • The New Generation of Dermatopathology

    The DLCS Digital Environment promises to push DLCS to the forefront of technology and innovation in the dermatopathology industry. By combining existing technologies with custom dermatopathology specific solutions DLCS will be able to quickly expand its presence without the cost of building and supporting additional facilities. As reimbursements decrease, labs will be required to innovate, become more efficient and create new revenue streams.

    By offering indispensable digital tools and exceptional customer support, DLCS will attract and retain new customers and increase slide volume. Digital integration will also allow sophisticated customer relationship management systems to be deployed, allowing targeted, customer specific marketing opportunities.

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