• Cisco Physical Security
    and Surveillance System

    Cloud Interactive utilizes its focused UI/UX capabilities to help more and more large and prestigious companies focus their safety and security issues with customer-centric approach to generate better customer service and ROI.

  • Simplifying a Multi-Platform
    Data-Rich User Experience

    The Physical Security Software Platform spans multiple applications and serves users across a range of devices. Users require instant access 247 to mission critical security applications, helping them manage up to tens of thousands of end-points at any given time. Product sales and customer support had suffered due to poor user experience of the software. It was imperative the BU introduce an enhanced user experience across desktop, web, and mobile clients in the next releases. The goal was to enable users to perform common tasks comfortably without requiring rigorous training or filing support tickets.

  • Focused User Experiences
    Across User Profiles, Across Devices

    Enterprise organizations typically have many roles when it comes to operating products and software. In this case of the Physical Security Platform, each application generally could serve a tailored audience. The enhanced designs delivered though this project helped to narrow and focus the user’s tasks so that every UI presented was less overwhelming and with less barriers to task completion.

  • Safety and Security Desktop Client

    The desktop application SASD (Safety and Security Desktop), was designed with the power user in mind who has their security software open all day, constantly managing security operations.
    User interactions to conduct difficult security operations were analyzed carefully to identify innovative solutions to make the security operator’s job less tedious. For example, finding the specific moment of a door being broken into across hundreds of hours of security footage was nearly impossible until layered timelines were applied with motion detection markers. The flexibility of a rich desktop client environment left more room for complex interaction patterns to be supported.

  • Video Surveillance and Operations Manager

    The web application, VSOM ( Video Surveillance and Operations Manager), was designed with the intent to serve security administrators who don’t necessarily manage the security system but are in charge of the network and setting up the security platform.
    Keeping in mind the typical user interface a Network Administrator is accustomed to, we kept the UI simple and straightforward without adding a lot of bells and whistles. More effort was taken in designing custom icons for the application to add more professional and appealing aesthetic.

  • Video Surveillance Manager and
    IPICS Instant Connect Mobile Apps

    Both mobile applications for VSM and IPICS were pared down considerably to serve a few key use cases for users on-the-go, making the best use of tight real estate.
    For VSM mobile users, the key task identified was being able to quickly locate and view a surveillance camera. Working closely with the engineering team we weighed out various tradeoffs and delivered a simple, intuitive UI that would let users locate cameras nearby through GPS maps or look up by a name.
    For IPICS users, the key use case was to connect with users quickly through Push to Talk technology.A custom UI was pioneered which would allow users to access all features within one quick swipe, while never losing access to press the critical push to talk button.

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